Sunday, November 2, 2008

TV tie-in merchandise that makes you say "huh?"

Was the lovely Lindsay Wagner pregnant on the cover of this coloring "fun" book? It certainly looks that way...
But I don't remember The Bionic Woman ever giving birth on the show, do you?
Also, what exactly is going on here ? It looks Jamie Sommers is on a row boat with a couple of suspicious dudes. Apparently one is dressed up as a templar knight, the other guy is almost entirely cropped out of the photo. (I guess he didn't sign the release form). Bionic school-teacher Jamie is wearing a Holly Hobbie-inspired maternity top and holding a wooden oar. I guess this was supposed to stress the action of the series, but it's kind of a dull shot. Why would anyone choose this bizarre and unflattering photo to use as the cover for a supposedly "fun" book aimed at children? I just don't know...but I'm glad they did. As a bonus - let's visit the Bionic Beauty Salon...

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steve s. said...

yeah, i have that 'fun' book.
it ain't so fun.
mcqueen got it for me for xmas a few years back.
fyi - it's from the episode "the ghost hunter" with kristy mcnichol as the guest star
the picture on the cover is when jaime goes row boating with kristy's tv dad and the boat is attacked by angry logs
not making this up
the logs are psychokinetically being angered up to attack jaime by none other than...
kristy mcnichol!!!