Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Give the People What They Want: Nudesploitation

Recently I asked visitors to my blog (via a poll) what they want to see more of on this here very site. Overwhelmingly "Naked Guys" was what they replied. Who am I to judge? So rather than turn "Dougsploitation" into an ADULTS ONLY site, I've decided to spinoff "Nudesploitation"."Nudesploitation" will stand on its own, under Blogger's strict CONTENT WARNING policy. Think of it as Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. I hope to make "Nudesploitation" as much fun as this blog, therefore I won't be repeating the same porn pix you see on every other gay adult site. "Nudesploitation"  will feature vintage nudes, rare celebrity nudes, offbeat collectibles and advertising-just about anything sexy and sometimes silly. So, check it out if you dare-or just continue to enjoy good, old-fashioned "Dougsploitation". There's nothing dirty going on!

1 comment:

John said...

bring it on, bitch!