Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shopping at Korvette's

Being back home in Staten Island, NY has already made me nostalgic for the place where most of my toys and records came from - a wonderful retail outlet known as
E.J. Korvettes.
Founded in 1948, Korvettes sadly went bankrupt in 1980. 
The chain was one of the first discount department stores. 
It was founded on the premise that people actually preferred to save money on their purchases!
Korvette's low-price model was similar to that of "five and dime" retailers such as Woolworth's, McCrory's, and S.S. Kresge (K-mart) but carried a broader range of products, from jewelry to appliances, underselling the major department stores.
E.J. Korvette at its peak, it had 58 stores, including my local store on Richmond Avenue - before there was a Staten Island Mall.
There was a even company-owned Hills Supermarket attached. After the store closed, it became a DMV. I have no idea what is there now. I guess I'll find out this week.


Mike Justice said...

As long as you're back in Staten Island, would you mind paying a visit to Margot Kidder's apartment from SISTERS and taking a photo? Alexander Hamilton Apartment Building - 36 Hamilton, Staten Island. Thank you.

Davelandweb said...

I bought many a vinyl LP at Korvette's; I knew I’d always get the best deal there!

Mel Lowe said...

i got my Supertramp Breakfast In America 8-track out at Korvettes in Hicksville, which stayed abandoned for at least 12 years or whenever they put in the IKEA. You could actually walk by and peak through a hole in the wall and see th escalator.
Probably ended up at the Korvettes at the Sunrise Mall more, which is now a Walmart

Baja Tele said...

I worked there in shipping and receiving from 1976 to 1978. The Hicksville store, had a great softball team. We beat every team on Long Island, then lost in the plays offs to a Bronx store who got to go on to Detroit and play the winner there. Coach of the team was named Bill and was the security desk guard, can't recall his last name.