Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Bang Comics

It was only a matter of time before the gang from CBS's suddenly buzzworthy sitcom (which I first blogged about on 8/8/08) BANG THEORY showed up in comics. Here they are making a cameo in the pages of DC Comics' new hit POWER GIRL series.I would not be surprised if DC (or another company) officially licenses the characters to star in their own book. Now that the show is a Top Ten hit, I fully expect a ton of crappy merchandise to follow- as well as the requisite "jumping of the shark". Let's hope I'm wrong.


EduardO said...

I just bought Season 2 on DVD today. I sure hope this show doesn't "jump the shark."

EduardO said...

I just bought Season 2's DVD today. I sure hope the show doesn't "jump the shark."

Davelandweb said...

I really love this show, but continue to wonder how long they can keep the premise going; fortunately, they have a wonderful cast. At times the writing is slightly on the juvenile side, but more often than not it's pretty damn good. Here's to hoping they avoid the shark.