Friday, September 18, 2009

The Guiding Light 1952-2009

While I was never a regular viewer of CBS's GUIDING LIGHT, I know what it like to see a show that you've watched for most of your life suddenly vanish. When ANOTHER WORLD ended ten years ago, it was like a family member had gone missing. GUIDING LIGHT started as a radio drama in January 1937 and subsequently transferred to television in June 1952. The show has been heard or seen nearly every weekday since it started, making it the longest story ever told. Daytime soaps are a dying breed. Since AW's demise we've also said goodbye to PORT CHARLES and PASSIONS. Now with GL, CBS will have three soaps: YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and AS THE WORLD TURNS. ABC still broadcasts ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and GENERAL HOSPITAL. NBC has only DAYS OF OUR LIVES. I wonder which will be the next one to go.

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Ookie said...

I seem to recall that in it's original radio incarnation, the Guiding Light was actually a talking lamp who narrated the soap opera. The Light was a personification of humanity's conscience, which would subconsciously advise the characters to do the right thing. I am not kidding.