Monday, September 21, 2009

My Two Year Anniversary

DOUGSPLOITATION turned 2 years old over the weekend. What initially began as film reviews on my VELVET CANDY BLOG, then spun off into a blog called MOVIES THAT MAKE YOU SAY "HUH"?, this here blog is an ever-evolving work in progress. From it's humble origins of just reviews of bad movies, I've added posts about TV shows, music, comic books plus THE DOUGLAS MICHAEL SHOW featuring interviews with people I think are super cool.
I've had a few rants and a near meltdown after Prop 8 passed, but for the most part this blog has been all about fun.
I've had days when I've had over 8000 readers (thanks to a little something called SONSEED) and I've had days when I felt like there was no one out there at all.
There's also been days when I feel like I should just stop this silliness and put my time and energy into something that actually makes me money.
For now, I think I'll just keep on blogging as long as it's fun. When it starts feeling like a chore, it will be time to give it up. So, if you're out there and wanna drop me a line and let me know what you'd like to see on this blog, feel free to contact me via the "comments" button below.


Jeff said...

Happy Anniversary!

Dan said...

Happy Anniversity, Doug! ;-)

Danny in WeHo said...


And since you asked...
I'd like to see a lot of stuff about me.
...and Daniel Craig!
...and Channing Tatum!
...all together!

Major Pepperidge said...

Congratulations! I just discovered your blog and have been enjoying your past posts. Thanks for your hard work!