Saturday, September 26, 2009

When TV Stars Sing - Part 2

Continuing the trend that began in the 1960s, sitcom stars of the 70s also tried their hands at recording careers.
Doubtlessly inspired by the success of their Friday night neighbors, THE BRADY BUNCH boys all attempted to capture the success that THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY's David Cassidy had. In 1972, Barry Williams a.k.a. Greg Brady a.k.a. Johnny Bravo released something called Sweet Sweetheart. Sounds sweet. Williams later became a Broadway star (I regrettably saw him in something called ROMANCE, ROMANCE) and released an album titled The Return of Johnny Bravo in 1999.
Also in 1972 Paramount Records put out Meet Chris Knight - Over... whatever that means. Either Over... was a song title or instructions on what to do with the record once you played side one.In 1973, Peter Brady teamed up with Marcia, Marcia, Marcia for Chris Knight & Maureen McCormick. Jan must have been so jealous - after all she was Peter's "twin", not Marcia! Maureen had previously recorded a solo single with the songs Truckin' Back to You and the provocatively titled Teeny Weeny Bit (Too Long). She released a string of singles over the next few years. More than twenty years later McCormick released her first solo album, a country CD called When You Get a Little Lonely (1995). In 1997 she played country singer Barbara Mandrell in the television biography GET TO THE HEART: THE BARBARA MANDRELL STORY.
Not to be left out, the youngest Brady boy, Bobby released a single on Capitol Records in 1973 called Love Doesn't Care Who's In It with Gum Drop on the B-side. I wish I was just one song called Love Doesn't Care Who's In The Gum Drop.
No relation to Barry, HAPPY DAYS star Anson Williams (Potsie Webber) had a single in 1977 called Deeply. His co-star Donny Most (Ralph Malph) had a whole album (not pictured).
In 1976, LAVERNE & SHIRLEY stars Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams recorded an entire album of songs sung in character as loudmouth Milwaukee beer factory employees. Fun!
Later in 1979, their friends Lenny & Squiggy got their shot with Lenny & Squiggy Present Lenny & the Squigtones on Casablanca Records-the label who gave us Donna Summer and KISS!
Meanwhile, Jimmie JJ Walker had an album called Dyn-o-mite! I think this might have been a comedy record, but I'm including it anyhow. Jimmie's GOOD TIMES co-star Ralph Carter had a minor singing career (remember, he appeared courtesy of RAISIN) and a little-known castmember by the name of Janet Jackson also later scored a recording contract. Next ain't over till the dramatic TV actresses of the 70's sing.


Sean said...

I think you'd include it but I have to ask, "did any of them chart?"

Your Wandering Boy Tonight said...

From this moment on, "Love doesn't care who's in it, Gum Drop" is going to be my response to everything.

(PS: Where are Penny Marshall's tiny glasses?)