Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting PRETTY All Over Again

Hi readers, new posts will be a bit sparse here for the next week or so as I am deep into production on a the third season of PRETTY - the hit, award-winning web series that I am one of the producers (and production designer) of. The new season stars 5 of the original cast members (Sam Pancake, Stacy McQueen, Dee Freeman, Terri Simmons and Michael Taylor Gray). Joining the regular cast fulltime is last season's guest star Kirsten Vangsness (CRIMINAL MINDS). Returning guest stars this season include Denise Alexander (GENERAL HOSPITAL, ANOTHER WORLD)), Melissa Peterman (REBA, THE SINGING BEE) and the hysterical stage actress Madeline Long. New guest stars include Genie Francis (GENERAL HOSPITAL, YOUNG & THE RESTLESS), Martha Byrne (AS THE WORLD TURNS), Mary Beth Evans (DAYS OF OUR LIVES, THE BAY), Melanie Hutsell (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, BRIDESMAIDS), Anthony Anderson (ANACOSTIA), Brendan Bradley (SQUATTERS) and Kevin Stea (NAKED BOYS SINGING)! Plus more delicious cover versions of our award-winning theme song, "Gumdrop the Unicorn". There are plenty of twists and turns ahead for the Champagne family this season, so to catch up, you should check out the first two seasons here. Thanks!

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