Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Random TV GUIDE Ads - MAKIN' IT

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER brought disco and Italian-Americans together creating the "guido" movement, which still lingers on in certain places (witness MTV's overhyped JERSEY SHORE "phenomenon"). Two years later, ABC decided to cash in on the East Coast disco craze with MAKIN' IT - a Garry Marshall concoction starring non-Italian Dr. Pepper jingle crooner David Naughton as Billy Manucci, who worked at a New Jersey ice cream parlor by day and danced at the Inferno disco by night. Cast as Mrs. Manucci, we have John Travolta's sister (and Lily Tomlin lookalike) Ellen. The show lasted only nine episodes, but it's theme song (by Naughton) reached #5 on the charts! Following MAKIN' IT on the ABC schedule was WHAT'S HAPPENING!!

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Writer said...

Yeesh. I'm kinda happy I can't remember the early 80s/late 70s on TV...or is that because my brains cluttered with Hee Haw episodes!?! =/