Friday, December 19, 2008

The Snowman

Of of my favorite holiday treats is a magical half-hour called THE SNOWMAN (1982). This Oscar-nominated animated short film by Dianne Jackson is based on the British children's book by Raymond Briggs, first published in 1978. 
The film, like the book it is adapted from, has no dialogue. The story is told through beautiful music by Howard Blake and features the gorgeous and haunting song "Walking in the Air", which is performed by a choirboy named Peter Auty.
This simple tale of friendship is about a young boy whose snowman comes to life. At first the snowman is hiding and playing in the boy's house, but then the two new friends explore the outdoors. Soon the boy and the snowman take flight... 
Their adventure continues as the duo attend a snowmen's party, and they meet Father Christmas. Suffice to say they must return to the boy's home, where the next morning SPOILER ALERT the boy wakes up to find the snowman has...melted. This scene never fails to make my eyes water. The Snowman and the boy return 9 years later for a brief cameo in 1991's FATHER CHRISTMAS. If you've never seen THE SNOWMAN, what are you waiting for? It's on dvd, PBS and available in three parts on YouTube. Visit the official SNOWMAN website

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Writer said...

This was my favorite thing about Christmas as a kid. I'd wonder around my elementary school singing Walking In the Air to myself...I wonder why I had no social life.