Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ziggy's Gift

Tom Wilson's lovable comic strip Ziggy came to life in 1982 as ABC premiered ZIGGY'S GIFT, a half-hour animated holiday tale which featured music by the late, great Harry Nilsson.
The storyline goes like this: Ziggy, along with his adorable pup Fuzz , takes a temp job as a street corner Santa Claus to raise money for the poor. Ziggy must navigate his way through the city, which is populated by cops and robbers. Along the way, Ziggy inspires others with selflessness and faith in Christmas.
The program won an Emmy Award and has been on my holiday "must watch" pile for the past dozen years or so. Unfortunately this is Ziggy's one and only cartoon appearance–maybe that's what makes it so special. Can can watch it on YouTube in three parts. Here's Part 1, which features the Nilsson song "Give, Love, Joy".

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Dan MacL said...

I remember this as a kid and I wondered what Ziggy would sound like. I was surprised he never talked