Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rima, the Jungle Girl

BACK ISSUE magazine just ran a great article on RIMA, THE JUNGLE GIRL, similar to this piece I posted back in March. Here it is again, cause I did it first. 
Comic book fans were treated to a one-page reappearance of Rima, the Jungle Girl in the pages of THE FIRST WAVE a six-issue DC Comics miniseries. THE FIRST WAVE by writer Brian Azzarello and artist Rags Morales is set in an alternate universe that brings together "the first wave" of pulp fiction heroes (Doc Savage, The Avenger and The Spirit) with such DC stalwarts as Batman, The Black Canary and The Blackhawks. Coming along for the ride is the aforementioned Rima, the Jungle Girl.
But who EXACTLY is this Jungle Girl and where did she come from?
Look no further than the 1904 romantic novel, The Green Mansions by W.H. Hudson based on a South American legend about a lost tribe of mountain-dwelling caucasians.
In the novel, Rima is called "the Daughter of the Didi" and considered an evil spirit who has magical powers. She is eventually burned alive by the tribesmen. Yikes! Luckily the character lived on after the novel.
Rima first came back to life in a 1951 CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED adaptation of the novel.
The character was depicted as a beautiful blonde. Not sure if she made it out alive.
A MGM film adaptation of GREEN MANSIONS followed in 1959.
The film was directed by Mel Ferrar.
Beautiful, dark-haired screen goddess Audrey Hepburn was cast as Rima in the film.
Anthony Perkins was cast as her lover.
The film is not as fondly remembered as Hepburn's other work.
Though it was translated into French.
Out of print for many years, the film is now available on dvd through the Warner Archive Collection.
Rima turned up next as the star of her own DC Comics series, RIMA THE JUNGLE GIRL in the 1970s.
The series ran for only seven issues, but is well-remembered by fans of the jungle adventure genre.
The series began in May 1974.
The book featured art by the talented Nestor Redodno.
And was graced with gorgeous covers by legendary Joe Kubert.
Rima never interacted with any other characters in the DC Universe in comics.
The series ended in May of 1975, and we thought we saw the last of Rima.
That was until 1977, when Rima showed up on TV!
Yes, Rima joined the cast of Hanna-Barbera's ALL-NEW SUPERFRIENDS HOUR!
Rima appeared alongside new created-for-TV and much-maligned heroes like Apache Chief and Black Vulcan.
But Rima also got to co-star with some of the A-Listers in various episodes - like Wonder Woman and Batman!
And, now over 20 years later Rima will once again be part of a storyline involving Batman!
I'm truly looking forward to the next exciting issue of THE FIRST WAVE and the further exploits of Rima, the Jungle Girl!


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Ookie said...

There's a statue of Rima in Pennsylvania Kensington Gardens in London. How many superheroes have statues of themselves in a park?