Monday, September 13, 2010

Baptism of Fire!

Before ARCHER, before ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, heck before BARE ESSENCE (the series, not the miniseries) Jessica Walter was AMY PRENTISS - a woman chief of police with "her own special problems" of which was probably guest star William Shatner. I'd love to see an episode of this rare and mostly forgotten NBC MYSTERY MOVIE segment. Funny how McCLOUD, COLUMBO and MacMILLIAN & WIFE always seemed to get renewed, but others like poor AMY, BANACEK, COOL MILLION, HEC RAMSEY, LANNIGAN'S RABBI, MADIGAN, McCOY, THE SNOOP SISTERS and TENAFLY just seemed to fade into oblivion. QUINCY, M.E. was the only "4th wheel" to survive past the MYSTERY MOVIE concept and only COLUMBO lived on in spin-offs and revivals until 2003, when ABC aired the final TV-movie.


On Smash said...

I love Banacek, notice that George is wearing driving gloves in that as he would in the A-Team. Wonder what the story about that is.

Speaking of stories while googling Banacek some time a go to get an episode guide, I came across a paragraph saying that George quit doing the show because he was in a nasty divorce with Elizabeth Ashley and wanted to keep any ongoing salary out of her hands. Can't verify this.

Ookie said...

Ahh, the CBS Mystery Movie opening! Such memories.
Jessica Walter is pretty good on Archer. She also was the mother on Dinosaurs!