Friday, September 10, 2010

There once was a blind hermit named Burl...

Ah, if I could only write a limerick worthy of this amazing Michael Landon double-feature! First up, on a special 90-minute LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE - heavyset character actor Burl Ives guest stars a blind hermit who saves Pa's life! I think he keeps him warm in a cave. Then at 9:30 - Pa runs for his life as THE LONELIEST RUNNER - the moving story of a bedwetter - yes BEDWETTER who grows up to be a star athlete! That's right, he's dripping with sweat and he gets showered with golden medals...when just to think he used to pee the bed! I remember watching both these shows and wondering what if the bedwetter grew up to be a blind hermit instead?

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