Monday, September 6, 2010

Even More Special!

More ABC variety specials from the past. Here at 9PM we have Barry Manilow's ONE VOICE from Dr. Pepper featuring another voice, SOLID GOLD hostess Dionne Warwick. This is prior to the Psychic Friends Network and her role as a politician in RENT-A-COP. At 10PM, CHARLIE'S ANGELS star Cheryl Ladd is looking back (see her back is turned towards us) with her SOUVENIRS special. Joining her are two more ABC stars: future drunk-driver Joyce DeWitt and future CELEBRITY REHAB stalwart Jeff former Jimmy Carter supporters and future flag-waving redneck right-wing creationist storytellers The Charlie Daniels Band. What an diverse line-up. Interesting that it was a "GE Theater Presentation," since a few years later GE would own rival NBC.

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