Monday, September 20, 2010

My 3rd Anniversary, Mary's 40th

Yes - I began blogging 4 years ago on September 19, 2007 and (THE) MARY TYLER MOORE (SHOW) premiered 40 years ago on September 19, 1970. To celebrate both occasions, here's a re-edited re-post of a very early blog. In fact, it was the first DOUGSPLOITATION post.
Let's just say that (THE) MARY TYLER MOORE (SHOW) is the all-time best sitcom ever. No argument there. Despite the terribly awkward 2008 OPRAH reunion (which, I must admit, skillfully recreated sets from the show) and the horrendous MARY & RHODA TV-movie (which skillfully created a constant feeling of nausea), nothing can ever erase the warm memories of Mary's office life at WJM, and her cozy apartment in the snow-covered Lindstrom house at 119 N. Weatherly in Minneapolis.

We have the first six seasons on DVD to remind us how great television can be. Hopefully Fox will  be releasing the final season soon.

For a great guide to the MTM show, seek out LOVE IS ALL AROUND: THE MAKING OF THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW (1989) by Robert S. Alley & Irby B. Brown. This book has been in my collection since it was published, and I cherish it almost as much as the show itself.

Also, another great resource for Mary info is MTM: QUALITY TELEVISION published in 1984 by the British Film Institute, which looks at the entire MTM Studio production history, including other great classic shows like THE BOB NEWHART SHOW, RHODA, PHYLLIS, LOU GRANT, WKRP IN CINNCINNATI, NEWHART, THE WHITE SHADOW, HILL STREET BLUES, ST. ELSEWHERE and REMINGTON STEELE. 
Plus forgotten gems like THE BETTY WHITE SHOW (remember UNDERCOVER WOMAN? the show-within-a-show starring Betty as a 'Pepper Anderson' knock-off), THE TONY RANDALL SHOW and THE DUCK FACTORY. The book also covers pilots and TV-movies made by the company as well, as flops like Mary's two variety shows. 
Sitcoms come and go. Some are good, some are great but none will ever match the magic that was the world of Mary Richards.


Deep Dish said...

Hey, Doug, congratulations to both you and Mary!

laura linger said...

THIS is a gorgeous post. I am going to feature it over on ATOTW.

Happy anniversary...I love knowing you. :-)