Monday, June 4, 2012

Movin' with Nancy

Here's a repost from 2009. Enjoy! Anybody who has been over to my house for any kind of viewing party already knows that I've been obsessed with Nancy Sinatra's MOVIN' WITH NANCY special for about ten years now.Originally broadcast on NBC in 1967, this amazing hour-long showcase features Nancy in a series of short films, both alone and with guest stars Lee Hazelwood, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., dancer David Winters and her dad, Frank. The special aired in conjunction with the release of the Movin' with Nancy LP.Pre-dating MTV by more than a decade, each song is performed as an individual "music video"-and even the commercials for sponsor Royal Crown Cola (RC, the one with the Mad, Mad taste) are works of art. The show opens with Nancy exclaiming I Gotta Get Out of This Town–as she does just that - in her inimitable Nancy style. After an introduction by Art Linkletter telling us about RC Cola is made, we are treated to the first fabulous commercial...
Back to the show and Nancy is still moving - this time in a hot air balloon as she croons the Fifth Dimension classic Up, Up And Away.Two Lee Hazelwood duets follow, sandwiching an epic RC Cola ad featuring somebody named Robie Porter that has got to be seen to be believed! Unfortunately I don't have that clip to show you.
Following the second number with Lee, Nancy goes solo again – performing to a with a bunch of mannequins in downtown LA with This Town.
Yes, it is as sick and wonderful as it sounds. Next up are two songs with her godfather Dean Martin and then a totally groovy RC Cola ad freaturing Dino (Martin), Desi (Arnaz, Jr.) & Billy (somebody).
After a visit from uncle Sammy, Nancy performs another solo number, Wait Till You See Him and then daddy Frank shows up for two songs. After which, Nancy's second and even more crazy RC Cola ad runs:
Just when you think you've seen the Mad, Mad, Madest performance - Nancy pulls out all the stops with a medley of three spooky songs set at an abandoned amusement park. Friday's Child, See The Little Children and Who Will Buy?

I should mention that choreographer David Winters and his very flexible dance troupe appear throughout the show. David even received an Emmy nomination for his work on this show.
So, if you are ever in the mood for a good, old-fashioned 1960s musical journey starring a certain bubbly blonde Italian-American songstress. Just sit back, pour yourself a chalice of RC Cola and lose yourself in the splendor known as MOVIN' WITH NANCY!As a special bonus, here's a fab RC Cola print ad from 1969 - when it looks like they were transitioning from their old Royal Crown Cola logo to the more familiar 1970s RC Cola design. The model bears a resemblance to Meredith MacRae.


Jeff said...

WOW - that RC commercial with Dino, Desi & Billy is awesome. Billy is Billy Hinsche, who was part of the Beach Boys' extended family (his sister was married to Carl Wilson). He eventually became part of the BBs touring band.

I *must* watch Movin with Nancy.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

WOW, I've never even heard of this and NOW I GOTTA See it. Thanks Doug, you rock!

DanBohin said...

Doug, Thank you for posting such an informative perspective of MOVIN' WITH NANCY.

As CO-President of Nancy's official fan club, BOOTLEGGERS, it was refreshing to find your website.

I hope you will be able to see Nancy perform live if she decides to tour again. Her recent performances in cabarets, such as BB King's Blues Club in NY rocked!

Nancy proved that she still has it and it her voice is better than ever! Her last CD release, the self titled NANCY SINATRA was named one of the top ten releases by Billboard magazine. If you don't have this CD, you can find it online at many music sources.

You'll find more than a pair of BOOTS on this CD, which contains the chart making song LET ME KISS YOU, along with other songs that I know you will add to your favorites.

Now, if the powers that be would only release her second special that aired, MOVIN' WITH NANCY, ON STAGE, recorded live at the then International Hotel in Las Vegas, I would be a happy camper! It's Nancy at her BEST EVER, tip top and her show broke all house records, even the ones by Elvis and Barbra who proceeded her at the International.

Thanks again, for your admiration of Nancy's talent and also for introducing others to her Emmy winning special!

doug said...

Wow Dan - Great hearing from you! Thanks for the comment! And the info about BOOTLEGGERS!

I do own most of Nancy's music on CD, including the last release - which is an amazing record. LET ME KISS YOU is a hauntingly beautiful track.

Seeing Nancy perform live on stage would be a dream come true. I hope that she does tour again.

I may blog more about Nancy in the near future, because like you said, there's so much more to her career than just a pair of BOOTS.

Kat said...

Thanks for posting this -- I've been obsessed with Movin' With Nancy for about six months now... started out as a "gee, this is campy" and it has now turned into "Ohmigod, I gotta hear that Some Velvet Morning again!"

Greggers said...

Nice job! I haven't seen the whole special yet, but seen quite a few clips on youtube, great stuff! I'll have to break down and get a copy! I linked to this page from my Elvis' Women: Nancy Sinatra page.

Greggers said...

Nice job! I haven't seen the whole special yet, but seen quite a few clips on youtube, great stuff! I'll have to break down and get a copy! I linked to this page from my Elvis' Women: Nancy Sinatra page.