Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Am I for Real?

Wow! I can't believe this - but the world is starting to question my very "truthiness"... and I'm loving it!
Go here and here for an "expose" about the "Sonseed" hoax(!), and me & my Photoshop skills. Wow. I guess I've arrived. :)


J said...

Which brings us to an even more chilling question: is that a REAL Laverne and Shirley tiger claw pendant or did you just make it yourself from spare pieces of plastic and printed cardboard just to FUCK with us?

doug said...

LOL - that's right EVERYTHING on my blog is totally made up. Actually - that's not a bad idea. Maybe I need to start a DougFuckery blog.

FYI - Of course the "poster" for THE FIRST ESTATE is fake, I never claimed it was real. I went through my TV Guide collection trying to find a real ad, but alas WNBC didn't promote the show.

abramdf said...

Wow, some people have a lot of free time on their hands if they want to dissect a blog post, video, and pictures this much for a (no offense) very minor, yet amusing, piece of pop culture. Real or not, your original post was definitely interesting.

Jay Lee said...

If it's real, it's brilliant. If it's fake, YOU'RE brilliant.

Jacob said...

Like so many others, I found your site after viewing the magic that is Sonseed. After hearing the latest Sonseed controversy -- that you may have "faked" the whole thing, not to mention those pictures of Brady Bunch brain teasers -- I decided to do a little research on the old Sonseed crew. While everything "checked out," I found out another intriguing fact about a former Sonseed member! Frank Ciccone, who Sal mentioned became a Paulist priest, was the priest who offered John Kerry communion in 2004 after a Vatican cardinal implied that he should be denied the Eucharist for supporting abortion! Check out the USA Today article:


Father Joe may also be a little soft on teh gayes, as the article mentions "The congregation includes gay couples, whose adopted children are baptized there, unlike in some other Boston parishes." No word on whether he enjoys "Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill!"

In 2005, Father Joe seemed to have moved to Knoxville, Tennessee. The John XXIII Parish at the University of Tennessee describes him as "not only a great artist but a fine liturgist and singer."

He's currently the pastor at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Knoxville.

Love the site. Keep it up!


Tony Z™ said...

Funny how some people have enough time on their hands to try and debunk your Sonseed post.

You're gettin' famous!! People ain't gonna be attackin' ya if yer a nobody!! Wahoo!!

thischarmingham said...

Proof it ain't fake



Two obits for the host of the show including photos of him from back in the day. It's clearly the same guy who introduces them and comes in at the end.

Also here's another video of him interviewing a guy on another episode of the show.


updated to include another obit with photo.

doug said...

Thanks guys -"Jacob" and "thischarmingham" -good detective work. Like "abramdf" and "tony z" said - can't believe people have the time to waste trying to prove that something is fake, when it's clearly "the real thing."

doug said...

This was posted on MetaFilter by a used named nickyskye. Looks like she had the same conversation with Sal as me. The only thing she got wrong is that I'm the same person/blogger who had the tape for 25 years. My friend just digitized it for me, otherwise everything checks out:

"Ok, I thought that was a fun piece of music and was sure it was authentic. Curiosity got the better of me, looked up the lead singer on WhitePages and gave him a call. Sal Polichetti, a lovely guy. Told him there was a controversy about whether Sonseed existed or not, about this post. He was totally friendly and likable. Turns out he works in NYC, a couple of blocks from where I live.

I asked him if I could take notes as we spoke and said ok. This is what he said:

When the song came out on YouTube and he got all these random emails and calls, the first thing he looked for his copyright and he has it, registered it in 1981.

The band got together around 1979/1980, kind of an accident through a friend, Joseph, connected with Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Brooklyn, they all met, played for Pentecost Sunday. They kept in touch, met, prayed for an hour, all Catholic. It was quite innovative at that time, no Catholic rock music then. How he wrote the songs, the band members took hymnals, added guitar solos and drum solos, ended up doing local concerts at churches and schools, never took a dime. 18 to 20 rotating performers at one time.

Recording studio in Brooklyn, 9 original songs. Sold record at cost, gave records away. Somebody sent the record to NBC and it was played on a show, The First Estate, Channel 4. They lipsynched. The people who ran that show thought Jesus Is a Friend was “catchy and snappy”.

The band, Sonseed, sold 1100 tickets at a concert and gave the money away to charities, like to soup kitchens.

The band lasted to “late ‘83”. The keyboard player was his first wife.

He got an email from a blogger in California who had showed the videotape to friends over the years and Doug heard about it.

Sal has a video of their last concert, their drummer passed away 15 years ago.

Father Joseph Ciccone, a band member, (now a priest) then worked for an advertising agency, he designed the logo and the album cover.

And that's it. He was a total gentleman. And real."


original post is here:

pup don said...

Okay, I just spent a crabby Sunday morning reading the whole Sonseed saga and it totally made my morning. I'm amazed that someone spent that much time trying to disprove your video and posts. You know, if you had somehow created that video with actors in period costumes and effects to make a new video appear as a time worn VHS scan, you should be considered a video genius and snatched up by major movie companies because this "fake" video is better than most period movies taking place in the 80's. So, kudos to you.

BTW, I discovered your blog by way of another soupy blog (wink wink) and am now an instant fan. You are now in my RSS feed along with all the other music blogs I check on a daily basis and I am so looking forward to each new post as well as getting to go back and catch up on your previous ones.

I will leave you with this one passing though. There was an episode of Laverne & Shirley where, after moving to LA, the girls got a job as extras in a movie where they played cavewomen and I do believe that they were wearing faux animal tooth necklaces. Although that doesn't explain why the packaging of the necklace featured a photo taken from season one.

Yes, I am that much of a geek and I.. (sniff sniff) I think I love you.

doug said...

Hey Don, thanks for the kind words. Another "soupy blog" led yo to me? Do tell - I'll have to thank them!

Laverne & Shirley as cavewomen? Wow - I need to see that! Must have stopped watching by that point...

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