Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dougsploitation Welcomes New "Sonseed" Fans!

Hey "Sonseed" fans- My ORIGINAL posting on Vimeo of "Jesus is a Friend of Mine" was deleted due to copyright concerns. So it is now hosted on YouTube. less than two weeks the phenom known as "Sonseed" is officially out of control. With two postings on YouTube by other fans - now thousands of people have experienced their wonder.
Scroll down for my original web premiere of "Jesus is a Friend of My Mine" as well as my theories about the band "Sonseed" and it's members, my fantasy of joining the band, my discovery of their album "First Fruit" and finally my real live EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the lead singer Sal Polichetti.

Enjoy and stick around for other Dougsploitation items! :)


Nadine said...

I have to thank you for this trip down memory lane. My husband was one of the members.

I enjoyed your interview with Sal and catching up with him.

I enjoyed sitting in on the recording of some of the songs. It was a blast to travel around with the band.

You posting bought back great memories. Thanks.

Tom Zawacki said...


Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I was actually a member of Sonseed. "Tommy" Zawacki conga and percussionist. Second from the bottom right on the back of the album cover.

As I recall the set of "The First Estate" couldn't fit the whole band so a few of us (myself, Joe, Karen) graciously bowed out.

I have wonderful memories of those people and those days.

I've been married to Nadine (also mentioned on the back of the album) for more than 27 years, have two adult kids and I'm a minister in WA state.

My son heard the youtube recording at work and remembered it from his childhood - he called me about an hour ago and made my day. I can hardly believe that the clip has almost 60K hits - unreal.

Thanks for making us smile.

Tom Zawacki

doug said...

Nadine & Tom -

Thanks for the kind words...and thanks for being part of "Sonseed"-which is now making a whole new generation of fans very happy. Whether or not we're Christian, we all can still appreciate a great, catchy tune!


Brother John aka Sleepy said...

I would really like to thank you for posting all the Sonseed a former member, it was GREAT to walk down memory lane, and to know that people still remember that magical I do.

I guess I am Sleepy...LOL...I am the former Bro. John, CSC...a religious teaching brother at the time who was a member of the group and was instrumental in giving the group a rehearsal space and an auditorium for our Christian Coffeehouse, called HIS PLACE....

BTW...i do have a copy of the album around somewhere...I was the lead singer on our groups signature song.."Sonseed"...

Thanks for having this site,'s really FUN

Matt said...

Hey Doug,

I want to let you know that your posts about Sonseed are really great. My Uncle Nick was the drummer for the band and my whole family is really gettting a kick out of their recent notoriety in the blogoshpere. My Aunt (Nick's wife) is especially enjoying of all of this and thinks it's crazy that all these people are digging this song in particular.

Thanks for the posts. I can tell you that Nick is definitely smiling from above.



Kathleen said...

Where can I get a copy of the VHS tape? I know one of the original members and it would make a great gift.

Doug said...

Sadly it is not available commercial. They can always watch it on YouTube.