Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Friendly Ones

Okay, years ago - before SOUTH PARK, before CRANK YANKERS, before AVENUE Q - my friends Tara and Rob and I got together and made a TV special for public access called THE FRIENDLY ONES. It's a totally offensive and politically incorrect puppet show for "adults", and I think it's still pretty damn funny. The show aired on Staten Island Cable for a few years - to much protest of concerned parents. The original plan was to do a series of episodes, but sadly, we never had the time. Tara has finally converted it to digital and now - almost 20 years later, here it is. Part 1 introduces our main characters Eva, Blanca, The Countess, Muffy and their lesbian friend Ida. Part 2 follows the gals as they prepare to compete on "The Mother-Daughter Pageant" . Enjoy!

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Danny in WeHo said...

You can't fool me! You faked this, too!!!
First Jesus, now innocent puppets... WHNE WILL YOU STOP DOUG PRINZIVALLI?????