Sunday, September 14, 2008

THE SOUP discovers "SONSEED"!!!

Oh my god - my friend Sherri just sent me this!!! The online version of my favorite TV show - THE SOUP has discovered "Sonseed"!!! Holy crap! I'm speechless! Joel McHale and Sal of "Sonseed" together - I think I need to lie down...

Newcomers - scroll down for tons of info about Sonseed!


pup don said...

Yes, this is the "soupy" blog I was talking about earlier. I didn't want to plug another blog on yours without your permission but as long as you've done it then I guess it's okay. I'm a huge fan of The Soup and I'm hoping my boyfriend (okay, I can dream, can't I dammit???) Joel McHale will talk about Sonseed on next week's Soup. Yay!

Rick Andreoli said...

On a totally unrelated note, you guys were AMAZING on HGTV. Caught it this past Saturday (and a little bitter that your show gets put into reruns and mine gets canceled-- whatever.)

And was it strange working with the steroid model who eventually ended up being one of Jackie Warner's trainers on the (now canceled) show Workout?