Monday, September 22, 2008

Remember when TV GUIDE magazine DIDN'T suck?

Well, another new TV season is here - and a another year of the putrid excuse for a magazine called TV GUIDE. I remember when the Fall Preview issue was an EVENT. Page after page of well-written profiles of new shows and actual accurate TV LISTINGS! Not just an impossible-to-read grid for primetime, but LISTINGS for 24 HOURS A DAY/SEVEN DAYS OF THE WEEK with episode descriptions and cast lists! Wow - imagine that. Luckliy I have my collection from the 1970s-2000s to reflect on from time-to-time, as the weekly magazine continues its downward spiral into an unreadable throwaway (recyclable) piece of crap.


Ronny said...

old TV Guide was great - I've stopped buying it since they changed formats. Now it's just a generic magazine with useless information. When will they admit they made a huge mistake and bring back the real TV Guide?

Anonymous said...

Mom brought TV guide home every week from the A&P. It cost fifteen cents a week.

doug said...

Yup, it was 15 cents for the longest time. Then 25, then 50, then 75...etc. Now it's $3.99 and sucks like a Polish prostitute (with apologies to Polish prostitutes).