Friday, October 10, 2008

How's about a nice SLIDESHOW?

For the past three years, there's been an incredible fun (and cheap!) thing to do in LA called SLIDESHOW. It happens once a month in a cool space called THE FAKE GALLERY (4319 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, CA 90028). Well on Friday, October 17th, Steve Silverman's cult hit turns the BIG THREE! If you haven't seen it (or been in it, like me) - this is your chance to experience one of the most unique theater/performance art/stand-up comedy/monologue things in town.Basically a bunch of performers (sometimes famous, sometimes not) tell you a story (often times hysterically funny, sometimes poignant) while clicking through accompanying and almost always appropriate slides. The subjects range from topics as diverse as the performers themselves. Some of my favorites included a collection of department store kiddie portraits, a tragic Hawaiian honeymoon and a sordid tale of a horny teen-age gay stalker. Like I said - something for everyone! My "performance" was a parody of the NBC 1974's a few samples of my slides with commentary (I will post more if there's a clamoring for them...)This year Monday Night at the Movies features a stellar line-up of movies in which child star Linda Blair is imprisoned and assaulted repeatedly, becomes an alcoholic, runs away, steals things and finally–gets possessed! 
Yes, LITTLE WHOREHOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE - sure to warm the heart with tales of cowboys & sexually transmitted diseases...and soon to be a Broadway musical...BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.
Following the whores is a bold new show that combines the star of a great musical film with the premise of an action thriller. It's CABARET meets DIRTY HARRY in...THE EQUALIZA! Oscar winner Liza Minnelli takes the law into her own hands and sings her way through the mean streets of San Francisco, cleaning up the city scum with 45 calibers worth of jazz hands and Fosse-inspired dance steps.
We proudly present an ensemble cast of eight rising young actors who are ready to do whatever it takes to rescue those in need. Introducing Chad, Max, Randy, Cody, Ridge, Conner, Ben and Ryan...THE RANGERS IN THE WILD. These 8 handsome young rangers will patrol the Sierra National Park, charged with keeping the park clean and supervising the ever-growing number of tourists who come to enjoy it. An average episode involves protecting half-naked campers from bears, rescuing lost campers and enforcing very strict regulations.
Get me THAT SLUT COP! She's a tramp working undercover for the Los Angeles Police Department... Is that Angie Dickinson? Who else can pull of slutty and coppish. I'd like to see Bea Arthur try THAT in a muu muu!!

Eight all-time favorites (Bobby Banuelos, Hutch Foster, Stacy McQueen, Elizabeth Payne, Amanda Philipson, that guy Steve Silverman, Terri Simmons and Mari Weis) will be returning to load up Steve's state-of-the-art 1974 Kodak Carousel Slide Projector and deliver what the LA Times calls "Shockingly honest stories" and "Downright magical!" To make it a real party - they even got FREE FOOD, FREE DRINK, and HUGE PRIZE GIVEAWAYS! If you miss the 1970's - and WHO DOESN'T? - then DON'T MISS SLIDESHOW'S Third Anniversary Show! Call 323-692-3086 for more info and to make a reservation! Tell 'em Dougsploitation sent ya!

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