Tuesday, October 14, 2008

There WILL Be Blood!

at the Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (in the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles)A darkly elegant evening of gorgeous melodies with a theatrical flourish. Ann Magnuson and Adam Dugas face off on vocals as Alexander Rannie and Mia Theodoratus strum their harps in this twisted match of musical one-upmanship. The quartet thrusts and parries with an arsenal of tunes ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime: psychedelic calls to prayer, Henry Purcell's Baroque art songs, Kraftwerk, Buffy St. Marie, Lee Hazlewood and Pink Floyd, as well as original songs by Magnuson and Dugas. 
New York art star-turned-L.A. Woman, Magnuson is a prolific writer and actress of stage and screen and the former lead singer of the band Bongwater. Dashing underground cabaret impresario Adam Dugas was a founding member of the performance troupe The Citizens Band and frequently produces and performs at Deitch Projects gallery. Watch as Magnuson and Los Angeles composer and artist Rannie defend the home turf against East Coast crooner Dugas and comely musician Theodoratus. There will be blood. For tickets go here.
Ann Magnuson -photo Rocky Schenck, Adam Dugas and Theodoratus -photo Lyndsy Welgos, Alexander Rannie -photo JayPG Photography.


Thalia Menninger said...

One of my earliest personal style influences was Ann in 1986's Making Mr. Right. She wore all of these great little suits and drove a great red car and drank Diet Coke and ate ice cream for dinner. Genius.

doug said...
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doug said...

MAKING MR. RIGHT is an underrated classic. Ann is supremely talented and great person to know as well.
I had the pleasure of doing design work on her latest cd, the brilliant Pretty Songs & Ugly Stories - which can be purchased here:


n69n said...

i love Ann too!