Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TV tie-in merchandise that makes you say "huh?"

I love coloring books! I love crayons! I love BEWITCHED! (the original tv show, NOT that abortion of a feature film) So what's more fun on a scorching 95 degree LA October day that digging out my old BEWITCHED Coloring Book and some melted crayons? Hey wait a minute, what's that in Darrin's mouth, a white crayon? Oh no - it's a cigarette!!! Magic, Mirth and Mystery? It's more like Marlboro, Merit and More?
Why would the publishers of a coloring book for children place a cigarette on the cover? I guess for the same reason there was this: Yes, Fred & Barney - friends of Samantha (according to the famous crossover episode) - also smoked tobacco! Shocking! But hey, it was the 1960s, a totally different time. Speaking of TV, advertising and the 60s, who wouldn't love to see a MAD MEN coloring book???
Well, here's something pretty close, THE EXECUTIVE COLORING BOOK. Read more about it at AdLand.

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