Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spooky Pulp Novels

I'm sure there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of great gothic paperback novel covers out there. I came across a few that I thought would be fun to see as Halloween season kicks into high gear.Walk in My Parlor by Rona Randall (What a great name! Does anybody name their daughters "Rona" anymore?) is spooky and sexy at the same time. The gorgeously painted cover features the iconic combination of wrought iron and candles–which always seems evoke helplessness and thrills. I love that the book also features "Easy Read Large Type."
Ah, The Devil's Mansion, here Rex Jardin tells the terrifying tale of Janet, who "was forced to escape the eerie old house or become the bride of the Devil himself!". Talk about spoilers - why not just include "The End," since the entire plot is given away on the cover?! Also beautifully painted.
Monica Robert's Woman of Darkness is "The Finest in Adult Reading" if adults like reading stories about bad ladies and kitty cats. Can't tell if the little girl pictured is the main character as a girl or perhaps her daughter–or victim! I just can't get past those cute cat illustrations.
Ah - now we're talking! Satan's Daughter is an "Epic Book" by the ever-popular Jan Hudson. Here pops looks on as his daughter whips a man in a suit and a lady in her undies. The story: "Desperately, passionately in love with Randy [underwear girl], Jerry [suit guy] thought he found happiness–until he ran headlong [ouch!] into a leather-jacketed band of cruel, lusting wanton,[need another adjective, Jan] twisted [thank you!] who wanted Randy even more than he!" Wow - Satan's daughter is a horny, sadistic lesbian - who knew? 

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