Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Sonseed" and Dougsploitation Go Canadian!

I had the pleasure of talking to a reporter from the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail about "Sonseed" and my 25-year obsession with the "Jesus is a Friend of Mine" video.

Here's a highlight: "But, far from being another Lonelygirl15, the band, Sonseed, are the real deal. Doug Prinzivalli should know. The graphic designer posted the video on his blog, Dougsploitation, in August. It was a rip of a VHS tape that a former co-worker had given him, knowing he was a fan of ska. What she couldn't know is that Sonseed would become a private obsession: For 25 years Mr. Prinzivalli admired the band from afar. Soon that would change. Former members of the band, stumbling upon what seemed lost history, began contacting Mr. Prinzivalli."

Go here for the full story.