Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tragic Halloween Costumes (part 2)

To complete the unholy Osmond trinity, here were have the frightening duo of Donny and Jimmy Osmond...Donny (pictured above) also looks a bit like Kaye Ballard...or perhaps even JoAnne Worley! There is something extremely unsettling about this mask - especially grouped with Marie and little Jimmy (pictured below).Jimmy, in the non-Halloween world, was always the creepiest and least talented of the Osmonds - and his Halloween mask has a certain sadness about it. The mask looks like it's saying "I know I'm not as pretty as Marie or as non-threateningly cute as Donny, but please try to look into your heart and try not to hate me - my parents forced me into this. I wish I wasn't born an Osmond, there's just too much pressure. Help." 

For an totally outrageous and angry review of Donny & Marie's 1978 Christmas special by my friend Danny (aka Frieda Laye), go here. Be forwarded that Danny (not DOUG...or Donny) refers to Marie by the word Jane Fonda let slip out on the TODAY SHOW. Also, Jimmy sings a song titled (no lie) "What if Jesus Came". You've been warned.

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Thalia Menninger said...

Jimmy is sort of like the other Mandrell sister, not Barbara and not Louise.

I just remember watching the Mandrell sisters' variety show hour in the late 70s and they did a cover of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" (it was every bit as awesome, and then some, as you are imagining right now) and they stuck the stupid blonde sister on the drums. She couldn't even keep a beat. It was so sad.