Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tragic Halloween Costumes (Brady edition)

Hey kids - my computer's back and $500 later, it's like brand spanking new-except it's the same old laptop and I'm $500 poorer! Yay! So, to cheer myself up, it's back to crazy costumes like this one...Who is that masked man? The Lone Ranger? The Red Arrow? The Red Lantern? Nope - it's "One of The Brady Bunch"!!! This has got to be the lamest costume yet. "One of The Brady Bunch"??? WTF? They couldn't make a Greg or Marcia mask - or even a generic set of brunette guys and blonde gals??? I feel sorry for the kids who had to wear this dumb get-up. Even cousin Oliver wouldn't be caught dead in this one.

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