Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tragic Halloween Costumes (Aaron Spelling edition)

Aaron Spelling was responsible for some of the most memorable TV shows of the 1970s. His ABC shows of this period ran the gamut from crime dramas to romantic comedies. Most were Top 10 hits and were mostly aimed towards "adult" audiences, but a few inspired Halloween costumes.Nothing like dressing up your little girl as Farah Fawcett-Majors, the queen of "jiggle tv". Not sure why Farah's costume isn't branded as a CHARLIE'S ANGELS costume like Kate Jackson's Sabrina. Oddly enough, the horse-faced Kate mask looks more like Tori Spelling!
Wow - a Gavin  MacLeod costume! Well, he didn't get one as Murray from MARY TYLER MOORE, but I wonder what little kid actually wanted to be Captain Stubing from THE LOVE BOAT for Halloween.
And finally, Tattoo from FANTASY ISLAND. What a wonderful way to empower your short child! Wonder if they had a Mr. Rouke get-up for the taller kids?


pup don said...

Well, the beauty of the Tattoo costume is that if you get a crown and a little black tux the mask could double as King Fausto from Forbidden Zone!

Danny in WeHo said...

What are the chances that I dress up like two of these people now?
I want the masks!! They seem a lot easier than the make-up I have to put on!